Investment Strategy

Each Burk Collins & Co., Ltd. commercial real estate development is tenant driven and will be developed only after a minimum of 50% of the projected square footage of the project has been tenant approved and acceptable commitments have been made. Only after this has been achieved will Burk Collins & Co., Ltd. commence acquisition of the land, preparation of the plans and construction of the project. Additionally, prior to the development of each project an exit strategy is determined. Depending on the real estate market, Burk Collins & Co., Ltd. will determine if a project will be constructed and sold or constructed, held and managed. If it is determined that a project will be constructed and sold Burk Collins & Co., Ltd. will sell the development only after attaining a minimum lease level of 95% and construction has been fully completed. Constructing, holding and managing a project are a matter of market conditions and the level of cash flow realized from a project. If held and managed, our projects are properly managed and well maintained until market conditions are favorable for a sale to occur. Burk Collins & Co., Ltd. has a seasoned management staff that currently is successfully managing multiple projects with the ability to expand their management base. While Burk Collins & Co., Ltd.’s development philosophy is conservative, it has proven to be extremely successful over the past 47 years.